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Basic Information

Wrocław Feis is the international Irish dance competition organized in Wrocław. The organizer of the competition is the Irish Spin school of Irish dance.

During the event dancers of all ages and levels of advancement will compete. Participants must be affiliated with the CLRG Irish Dance Committee.

The competitors will perform in solo and group competitions, in soft and hard dances. Similar competitions have already taken place in other Polish cities, such as Gdynia, Warsaw and Krakow.

Feis results can be found on

A photo of a podium with dancers presenting their trophies

20 January 2024


Centrum Kultury AGORA
ul. Serbska 5a
51-111 Wrocław


Esther Bromley (BG), Italy

Mary Sweeney (ADCRG), Germany


Kristian Fisl, Prague, Czech Republic


Beginner and Primary

08:00  Beginner U16
09:15 ​ Beginner O16
09:45 Primary U16, Group and Ceili dances

11:00 Primary O16, Group and Ceili dances


12:00 Speeches by our guests and sponsors

Intermediate and Open
13:00 Intermediate U16
14:00 Intermediate O16
15:00 Premier Championships

Logo of the Worldwide Irish Dance Commission
Logo of the EMEA regional irish dance commission

Honorary Patronage

The Ambassador of Ireland in Poland took honorary patronage over the Wrocław Feis Championships

Logo of the Embassy of Ireland in Poland


Logo of Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego
Logo for Centrum Kultury Agora
Logo for Celtycki Wrocław
Logo for  Fundacja Kultury Irlandziej
Logo for Dominika Golińska-Kosowska


Logo for Crystal Parade
Logo for Prestige MJM
Logo for Feisty Fitzy
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